White Water

Karen Della and Jacquie Smith

White Water is a Bible Study group lead by Karen Della and Jacquie Smith.  Our group is dedicated to learning from the Bible through diverse choices of studies and topics.  We strive to understand the Bible, be Bible-based, and glorify God in our lives.  We practice the “open chair” policy and are always happy to welcome new members to our family.  Meetings are held on Tuesday afternoons, from 1-3 pm, at Monika Ruggiero's house.  We always have prayer requests and time to fellowship with one another.  We do two purely social events during the year, one summer event and then a Christmas social.

White Water has learned and believes that the Small Group environment allows us to worship and serve as members of the congregation and members of God’s family.  We are grateful for that family.

Please email the church at Christine@discovertheShepherd.org with attention to Karen Della or Jacquie Smith for more information.